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Our waterfowl hunting experience is located in a prime location just 40 miles south of Dallas/Fort Worth, near the Trinity River. Our private ranch spans over 8,000 acres and offers multiple duck holes and over 15 blinds in prime locations, making it the perfect spot for hunting enthusiasts. You'll find a large variety of species to hunt, from common puddle ducks to rare divers, making it an exciting and diverse experience. No matter the weather or wind conditions, we have a place for you and your group to hunt. Additionally, for parties larger than 4 people, we offer an Airbnb within 20 minutes of the ranch for you to enjoy during the day between hunts. For parties smaller than 3 people, we offer the option to be grouped with another party or pay additional fees for a private hunt. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience the thrill of waterfowl hunting in a beautiful and private setting.

Know Before You Go 

Waders: Most blinds are accessible without them. However, not having them could cost you an opportunity.

Outerwear: Prior to leaving home, we recommend checking either with us or a trusted weather source in order to prepare specifically for your dates here with us. Rain gear is always recommended.

Camo Patterns: If a choice can be made, try to keep things in the hardwoods or marsh end of the spectrum. Sometimes brightly colored patterns look out of place in this region.

Gun/Shells: Either a 20 or 12 gauge is sufficient for most of our spots. Also it is recommended to have either a modified or improved cylinder choke. We suggest a quality steel or other non-toxic shell with 1 1/8 oz. to 1 3/8 oz. of shot depending on chamber length and gauge of gun.

License/Stamps: Each client MUST have a Texas hunting license and Migratory Endorsement along with a Federal Duck Stamp.

Guided Waterfowl Hunts Include the following, morning hunt, guides, scouts, land, equipment, and blinds. Food not included. Bring snacks for the duck blind


Group Size
3 or less in party
$450 per person
4 or more in party
$375 per person
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