Breckenridge Ranch is located 2.5 hours west of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Breckenridge Ranch is our home location for Hard Knocks Outdoors. 

The ranch is a 4,000 acre high fence, 3,300 acres holds exotic's and native whitetail and 700 acres holds pasture born whitetail. Whitetail is our main focus on this ranch. The ranch has been managed for 6 years. Turkey hunting is also top notch at Breckenridge Ranch, there are a lot of big mature birds.

We have a 4,000 square foot bardominium on the ranch sleeping up to 16 people. Breckenridge Ranch has 16 rifle stands over looking protein and corn feeders year around. Bow stands are available as well for those who prefer bow hunting over rifle hunting.

We have a great success rate at Breckenridge Ranch and we plan to keep it that way in the future for Hard Knocks Outdoors clients.

If your looking for a ranch that is on the higher end of the spectrum this is the ranch for you! Huntsville Ranch. The ranch is just 875 acres and is the perfect size for one or multiple hunters. Huntsville Ranch has a 9,000 square foot lodge that over looks a 35 acre lake. The lodge is filled full body and shoulder mounts from over 40 species from around the world.


The accommodations on this ranch is some of the best with a awesome skeet range, fishing, and long range shooting. The ranch has 11 stands and 18 corn/protein feeders located throughout the ranch in prime locations putting the hunters in a perfect spot for amazing opportunities.


This ranch has a variety of wildlife, from monster whitetail, elk, and many super exotics. So if your looking for a perfect place for a corporate trip, bachelor party, or just a hunter looking for the perfect ranch, this is the place for you.