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Cisco Ranch is located 2.5 hours west of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Cisco Ranch is family owned ranch that strives to produce the biggest typical frame whitetail they can.


This ranch has a very diverse terrain, from sandy flats to rocky cedar hills. The Cisco Ranch is predominantly a bow hunting ranch but can easily be hunted with a Rifle. 

The ranch is a 825 acre high fence with 3 wheat fields, several ponds, and well tanks. Whitetail and elk is the main focus on the ranch. This ranch has been managed since 2016. We offer other exotics as well which include axis, blackbuck, fallow, ibex, and red sheep.

The Cisco Ranch lodge is as cozy as it gets! It is a 3,600 square foot bardominium that sleeps up to 12 people. There is also a mother in law suite that is perfect for couples who want to get away from the crowd. The Cisco Ranch has 11 Bow/Rifle stands over looking protein and corn feeders with 3 over looking wheat fields .

We have a great success rate at Cisco Ranch and we plan to keep it that way in the future for our Hard Knocks Outdoors clients. The wildlife here is very skittish which meaning it is going to be tough hunt and seem more like a low fence hunt.

If your looking for a ranch that makes you feel right at home this is the ranch for you! 


Urial Cross
Whitetail - 200"
Whitetail - 201"-220"
Whitetail - 221"-265"
Whitetail - 265"+
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